PFCC VISIONQUEST SERIES - SAVE THE DATE - OCTOBER 8-9, 2015The PFCC VisionQuest Series: Building the Patient Centered Value System for Healthcare


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What is PFCC Visionquest?

PFCC VisionQuest is an interactive workshop that will immerse all care givers (defined as anyone who “touches” the patient and family experience in any way) in the PFCC Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P) – the one tool that enables you to achieve the PFCC Trifecta of improved outcomes and experiences while reducing costs. By viewing all care through the eyes of patients and families, care givers will generate the urgency to drive change. Care givers will learn how to deliver value as determined by patients and families, form partnerships and engage all in the co-design of care experiences. Be a catalyst for change and join us for PFCC VisionQuest.